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In case you thought I forgot about him, Russell the fire survivor cat from Raleigh, NC is doing very well! He’s been improving steadily ever since his accident, and aside from some on his back legs, he’s now bandage-free. The skin above his eyes has tightened as it heals which is why it has that raised appearance. He keeps getting lavished with amazing gifts from people all over the world too. 

If you want more info about him and his life at the Animal Emergency Hospital, visit their Facebook page! These folks are heroes, and so is Russell.

silverblaze85 asked:

Just wanted to pop back in and thank you so much for your signal boost of Rusty. Thanks to your reblog, it hit a lot of people, and he's been brought inside and fixed, and is VERY happy now. Thank you again so much, I seriously don't think we would have had near the outpouring of support without your help. Stay amazing!!

Hooray! Glad to hear it! Thank you to everyone who donated or helped spread the word.

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